In the early 1920s, Grace Merrill bought a small strip of land along a rocky ledge on Shore Road near Perkins Cove. Before a structure was built—even before she had a design for her new studio—she named the future home “Stonecrop” after the hardy flower that “clothes the rocks with starlike yellow bloom.”

Miss Merrill built Stonecrop with salvaged materials from an old barn and other local structures. She reclaimed the barn’s hand-hewn pine timbers to construct a 24-foot high great room, while a damaged 18th century dwelling supplied a stone fireplace and a unique staircase. As construction proceeded, she scoured the surrounding towns for wood, doors, windows—whatever she could find that fit her vision for the home. “From all sides, old materials seemed to pour in,” Merrill wrote. “All summer, my long-suffering car was adorned with bags of cement, old brick, and iron in varied shapes.”

The result of her vision is this unique house with a special history. Stonecrop has been a home to artists for much of the past century. Two previous owners, painter Ruth Seeger and printmaker Beverly Hallam, are still active in the Perkins Cove area. Current owner and photographer Dana Berenson welcomes you to Stonecrop and the Stonecrop Gallery. She’s proud to inherit the creative legacy of Miss Merrill, and invites you to enjoy the artwork.

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