Caleb Charland
Artist Gallery

“Demonstrations” combines my scientific curiosity with a constructive approach to making pictures. I utilize everyday objects and fundamental forces to illustrate my own experiences with wonder. Each piece begins with a simple question (How would this look? Is that possible? What would happen if...) and develops through a process of experimentation. By establishing physical parameters first, I discover each idea’s visual potential. This allows the natural properties of the subject matter to inform my aesthetic decisions as I construct these arenas to reveal the phenomena.

My process and choice of subject matter stem from growing up in a do it yourself household where I learned to appreciate the power that tools and materials hold. As I explore the garage and search through the basement to solve these pictures, I find new ways of putting old tools and familiar materials to work. “Demonstrations” intends to inspire wonder and curiosity in all viewers.

Artist’s Bio

Growing up in rural Maine, Charland spent much of his childhood helping his father remodel their family homes. These experiences instilled an awareness of the potential for the creative use of materials and the ability to fabricate his visions. Charland graduated with departmental honors from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004. Charland now lives and works in Maine and credits several sources of inspiration for this work including children’s books of science experiments, E.J. Marey, Fischli & Weiss, Jasper Johns and Tom Friedman.

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