Harold Feinstein
Artist Gallery

Harold Feinstein was born in Coney Island, New York, in 1931. His photographic career began at the age of fifteen: by the age of seventeen, Feinstein had joined the famous New York Photo League, and at nineteen, Edward Steichen purchased his work for the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, where it was frequently exhibited. Feinstein is best known for his photographs made in Coney Island, an utterly breathtaking body of black and white images spanning six decades. While his Coney Island work is much celebrated, Feinstein's breadth and exposure is far greater. His black and white portfolios include photo essays from the Korean War, documentary street work, nudes, landscapes, and still life. He has been published and exhibited internationally, including shows at the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center for Photography, the George Eastman House, the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Musée d'Art Moderne, and the Museum for the City of New York. His extensive color work has been most recently celebrated in seven books published by Bulfinch Press. At eighty years old, Feinstein lives in Massachusetts and is still photographing.

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