Michael Collins
Artist Gallery

Michael Collins is a photographer based in London who uses a 8 x 10 inch plate camera and digital printing technology to create his unique style of applied record photography. Over the last ten years he has been photographing industrial landscapes and structures in England. He has covered subjects including the redevelopment of St Pancras, the construction of the M6 Toll Motorway, the Jaguar and Rover car factories in Birmingham and a host of other projects across the country. His work has been exhibited in the Barbican Art Gallery, London and is in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Recently he had an exhibition of London City Scapes at City Hall which will appear in New York in September 2009. He is the author of Record Pictures, a book about this genre of photography and his work has been published in The Guardian, Granta and the Daily Telegraph, for whom he is a former picture editor.

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